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TopCoat Clear is a water based polymer coating that is easily applied over newer pour in place and rubber tile surfacing to provide an additional level of protection

Uses /Applications

Some playground surfaces need additional protection from heavy traffic or from other harsh ele-ments such as sun, water and sand. Water park Splash Pads need extra protection from chlorine and other chemicals that attack the binder causing premature failure. A cost effective solution for:

Outdoors: Extends the life of pour in place and rubber tile surfaces by adding an important layer of additional wear protection. Assists in sealing surfaces against sand and other debris buildup which can make these surfaces less safe.

Indoors: Indoor surfaces are porous and difficult to clean when children have accidents. TopCoat Clear can seal these surfaces so spills stay on top for easier cleanup while keeping them fresher.

Water Parks: Chlorine and other chemicals break down the binder used in the manufacturing of these surfaces. TopCoat Clear Sealant it is not affected by these types of chemicals.

Running Tracks: Helps make these surface more durable so they will last longer

TopCoat Clear is:

  1. An environmentally friendly water based coating formula …a Green Product!
  2. Easy to apply with an airless sprayer or roller
  3. Ready to use straight from the pail
  4.  A cost effective way to preserve and extend the life of your investment

Environmentally Safe…and Kid Friendly!


Uses /Applications

Outdoor: PIP and rubber tile surfaces that need refurbishing and / or restoration from age and weather damage. Stops granulation or "pilling" and extends the life of these surfaces

Indoor: Indoor surfaces can be sealed with fun colors keeping them fresher by reducing / elimi-nating porosity so that spills and children’s "accidents" remain on top for easier clean up.

Water Park Surfacing: Seals surfaces from the effects of damaging chlorine helps extend surface life , provides brilliant colors and stenciling options.

Running Tracks: Restores color and stops granulation of these surfaces.


TopCoat with Color

  1. An environmentally friendly water based formula... a Green Product
  2. Easily applied with an airless sprayer
  3. Quick drying
  4. Available in many "fun colors"
  5. Can easily be used for stenciling designs and logos on newer and / or older surfaces
  6. Saves thousands of dollars from budgets

Environmentally Safe…and Kid Friendly!


Save Thousands of Budget Dollars!

A variety of fun colors can easily be added to  TopCoat Clear, a water based polymer coating that brings new life, stops granulation and extends the life to your aging rubberized Playground Surfaces



 Cool Touch Technology Colorants are highly advanced pigments that reduce surface temperatures when used in our coatings. These colorants are environmentally friendly containing ZERO VOC’S and are designed to reflect the sun’s Infrared (IRR) rays so that playground surfaces are cooler and safer.

"Cool Touch Colorants"

  1. An environmentally friendly water based formula…a Green Product
  2. Easily applied with an airless sprayer or roller when mixed with Stone Rivers Top Coat Clear
  3. Available in many "fun colors"
  4. Helps protect children from exposure to excessive surface temperatures
  5. Reduces liability

Environmentally Safe…and Kid Friendly!


Children under 2 years of age can receive 3rd degree burns in under 1/2 second when surface temperatures exceed 160° F


TopCoat Plus

TopCoat Plus product line is an

advanced water-based polymer coating with an

antimicrobial additive.

There are two formulations:

• TopCoat Plus RS is designed for use on Rubber Surfaces

• TopCoat Plus HS is designed for use on Hard Surfaces

TopCoat Plus HS

For Hard Surfaces

• Playground equipment

• Door knobs

• Table / counter tops

• Doors

• Bathroom Stalls

• Stainless steel surfaces

• Locker rooms

• Handles and metal railings

TopCoat Plus RS

For Rubberized Surfacing

• Indoor playgrounds

• Locker Rooms

• Weight Rooms

• Outdoor Playgrounds

• Water park surfacing

TopCoat Plus Products:

• Are ready to use from the container

• Are clear

• Are an environmentally friendly water based coating formula …

a Green Product!

• Are easy to apply with an airless sprayer or roller

• Provides continuous microbe-fighting action

TopCoat Plus HS formulated with antimicrobials is not intended as a substitute

for good hygiene or to prevent foodborne or infectious illness

Shield It 6

Environmentally Safe…. and Kid Friendly!

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